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Action India Home Products provide all types of Spy Camera in Delhi India. We provide security cameras for law enforcement agencies, corporate departments, media and customers. We have a huge collection of all security surveillance in Delhi India. Our Spy Products are available for sell after approval for the testing department. We sell Spy Gadgets over 17 years and we are reputed Spy Camera Company in Delhi India and we have an Office in London (U.K).We ensure that our customer is satisfy from our service. Our Products categories are spy camera, spy wireless camera, mobile jammer, audio devices, GPS tracker, audio devices and mobile watches. We provide 1 year replacement warranty on each product and our customer support service is available 24/7 days.


Spy camera is a device which is used to record all activity without knowledge of people. These cameras are mostly used for sting operations, home surveillance, private investigations etc. The size of Spy Camera is very small and it can be hidden inside some other objects so that people do not know about it. This spy camera can be hiding inside in plant, table clock, wall clock, key-chain etc. These cameras are available in wired and wireless facility which makes easier to setup. These cameras are available with high resolution, night vision capabilities and motion activated feature. This spy hidden camera is surveillance for evidence in case of any accident.
We provide all types of spy camera with best quality and reasonable price. We sell all spy cameras after testing for improving performance of these devices. We have both wire and wireless hidden cameras. Our spy equipments are used for various purposes like you can use these gadgets at your office to monitor you employees. You can set spy cameras at their child room and your parent house for security purpose. Action India Home Products Provides all the needs of Customers of Spy Camera in Delhi India. We have a huge collection of spy camera e.g. CCTV Camera, Pen camera, Pinhole Camera, Keychain Camera, Table Clock Camera, Photo Frame Camera etc.
This Cameras are using for various purpose. In the sting Operation this camera is perfect surveillance. For security reason this device is used in the banks, hotels, and railway stations etc. It helps to ensuring safety of their children who are in care of nanny, to see that she is doing their duty. Because of their feature so many people uses Spy Camera in Delhi India.


Wireless camera is the best security device which can transmit audio and video signals to the wireless receiver without any wire. This wireless camera use battery and making them totally independent of power. These cameras are popular among the people of their lowest installation cost and provide flexibility to setup anywhere. Wireless camera are easy to use and access as compare to wired cameras. Two types of wireless camera available analog and digital. In analog wireless cameras transmit signals through frequency and in digital wireless camera, signals are encoded into data packet and transmit to destination address. Spy Wireless Camera in Delhi India is popular of their lowest installation cost.
Wired spy camera is difficult to install but is it can use for a long time. And wireless camera is easy to use and their installation. Example of wireless camera is pen camera, cap camera, keychain etc. CCTV is also available in wireless facility. Action India Home Products provide all types of Spy Wireless Camera in Delhi India. Our spy wireless camera use 2.4GHZ frequency and can transmit signals around 300feet.
This camera is used in home and offices both. Benefit of this camera is no wire is used for setup and it allows you to place camera at any place. In the installation of wired camera you can drilled of many holes but in wireless camera you just angle the camera where you can record. This device is less expensive as compare to wired camera because fewer accessories are used for setup. Various Variety of Spy Wireless Camera in Delhi India is available with different feature.


Audio devices are used for recording sound only. Size of these devices is very small and it can be hiding at any places and nobody can see them easily. This device can record of any sound for limited range and if you want to play any recording just connect it with your computer and hear all recorded data. There are many different types of audio devices are available in the market today like spy digital voice recorder, GSM extension socket, spy USB voice recorder, wall listening device etc. In this audio devices microphone is built-in. this devices are allow user to send audio signals for recording or carrying out command. Newly launched Spy Audio Device in Delhi India is microphone in electric socket.
These devices are used at many places like in your house you can use wall listening device which can record all conversation in their range. And in the offices it can record all your employees’ conversation. Many news agencies are also used this devices in sting operations or interview. We are only the dealer of Spy Audio Device in Delhi India and we have all types of audio device. New technology makes easier to use them. Our audio devices can cover 500meter range audio voice. This device can use at anytime and anywhere.


Mobile Phone Jammer is a device which is used to stop receiving signals from base station. This device block transmission signals from the cell phone. When this device is activated then it disables signals in the mobile phones. These devices are mostly used for that places where mobile phones are not allowed. For example in the conference hall where mobile phone are banned, in the business meeting. There are many types of Mobile Jammer are available according with their range. For example high power mobile Jammer, pocket cell phone jammer are maximum used. An antenna of jamming device is send signals. Various Organizations is used Mobile Phone Jammer in Delhi India.
In the Earlier time Mobile Jammer is used only for govt security agencies, but now it has been used for many sectors. We provide all types of Mobile Phone Jammer in Delhi India. This device can block mobile signals up to 30 meters. When jammer is turn on it can block signals at a particular range. It can transmit signals of the same frequency which mobile phone use. Mobile Phones use different frequency, jammer block of any of these frequencies by transmitting high power signals on the same frequency and result mobile phone cannot identify signals and show no signals in the cell phone. Mobile Phone Jammer is also used at the Borders and High Security Zone. One more feature is there are no effect of radio waves from the cell phone jammer.


Global Positioning system (GPS) is a device which is used to track location of person or any object. This device can track the exact location through the satellite. GPS tracking use satellite for tracking any devices. Tracking is show in the map and it receives signals from the satellite. Through the GPRS or any other satellite modem you can connect internet in your computer. Through the GPS tracking software you can track exact location of your object or person in the map. There are no effects of weather in this device and it can track all the time. You can track you vehicles, mobile phones, or any person. There are different types of GPS tracker are available in Delhi India.
We are the best dealer of GPS Tracker in Delhi India. We have wide range variety of this gadget and all gadgets quality is good. With the help of this device you can track your family member, your vehicle which is stolen or any other assets. This device can track the exact location of your stolen vehicle. This device can work on 24/7 house on the internet connection. In the map it provide the route of you object which was you track.
Parents can track their children for their children mobile phones. It shows their children location and in case of any emergency you can find them easily. Many People use GPS tracker in Delhi India for their feature. There are different types of GPS tracker are available in the market today like spy GSP personal tracker, spy GSM vehicle tracker and spy GSM mobile tracker etc.


Spy software is special software which gathers information’s without knowledge of person or any organization and after gather information this software send all data to its destination address. This software are classified into different types like adware, system monitoring etc. this software are also used as a security purpose. This software can record all activity like visited website, all documents which is open, messages, email etc. when this software is install inside the computer it totally invisible and nobody can detect them. This software is legal when you use this on your computer. This software are also used in the mobile phones which helps to parents to get all information of their children cell phone activities. Spy Mobile Phone Software in Delhi India is popular of their feature.
Many people use this software to get detail information of their children, spouse and their employees. We provide all types of Spy Mobile Phone Software in Delhi India with better service. Our product qualities are good and we give demo how to use this software. This software is also used in the computers and helps to get backup of files or any data which is deleting accidently. Installation of this software is very simple it takes just few minutes for install. After installation it completely hide in the cell phone and start recording. All recorded data is send to specific E-mail which show all call detail, messages, and open website in cell phone etc.


In the technology sector mobile watches is the new gadgets are introduced. In this gadget you can access your mobile through watch. Mobile Watches are popular in the young generation because all features of mobile phones are available in these gadgets like you can call, message. Using internet etc. These gadgets are available in the touch screen facility and it decrease the probability of losing or theft your mobile phones. Now tracking feature are also include in this mobile watches which helps to show tracking object on your mobile phones. With the help of Bluetooth you can share you data. After activation of GPRS you can access internet in this device. Youth of India have a craze of this device and many students and young people use Watch Mobile Phone in Delhi India.
We face a problem when our mobile phone is put down in the water and then it completely damage but mobile watches are water proof and there are no effect of water if it put down in the water . We Action India Home Products provide all types of Mobile Phone Watch in Delhi India. We have a huge collection of Mobile Watch like walky-talky watches; watch mobile Phone double sim etc. with the help of touch screen you can easily access this gadget, all function are similar to mobile phones. you can also play games in this gadgets.

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