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GSM Bug In Mobile Charger

GSM Bug In Mobile Charger

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  Price: 8,000/-
  Warranty: 1 Year
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Product Details

With this device you just stick your SIM card into the device, then call the cellular number of your SIM card. Once you’ve connected, you can listen to the conversations around where the unit has been placed. Perfect for keeping an ear on anyplace you want.
This SIM device is a special system designed for covert audio surveillance or monitoring by providing regular mobile phone SIM services. It has a unique design, small frame and sturdy construction encompass the rich SIM technology beneath it’s compact shell. Embed condense, sensitive microphone, which could pick up any ambient sound.
To listen in just dial up the SIM number, it runs silently without anyone knowing. Its internal battery could provide 2~3 hours working time. It is a covert surveillance tool made for everybody. Runs silently without anyone knowing.
Frequency: 90018001900 * Embed microphone, powerful sound receiving effect (Can receive sounds even 10 meters far away from the device)
24 hours non-stop power supply. * All GSM SIM card


Super-sensitive audio surveillance.
GSM Operating Frequency: 900/ 1800/ 1900
Embed sensitive 4 condense microphone
24 hour non-stop power supply
All GSM SIM card compatible, but not 3G or CDMA SIM card.
Microphone range (Meter): 5~7(Radius),
Receive sensitivity: -+10K
Super-slim design (Same size as a regular matchbox)
Working temp: -40~50'C
Responding frequency: 1.2K~800Khz
Stand-by time: 7 days

Operating Procedure (Caution)

Do not insert the SIM into the slot in the wrong direction.
Charging up the device, Red and Green LED lights ON. When the device is fully charged up, only Red LED lights ON
Place the SIM card into the slot with the contact points facing downward (according to the pictures indication)
The flash of red light indicates the SIM card is correctly inserted. SIM spy will completed initialization and maintain in stand-by status
Dial the SIM card number, you could hear the sound around the SIM card spy

Package Contents

1 x GSM SIM Audio Surveillance Device
1 x Charger
1 x USB Cable

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