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Spy Mobile Phone Software

Spy Mobile Phone Software

  Code: 029
  Price: 15,000/-
  Warranty: 1 Year
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  Returns: Return policy not specified by the seller.
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Spy & Listen To The Surrounding

Make a secret phone call to the target phone. This call will be automatically picked up by our software allowing you to monitor and listen to the surrounding environment of the target phone. You will be able to hear conversations and surrounding noises. The whole process is undetectable for the the target phone user. When any key is pressed on the target phone or if there is any other incoming call your spy call connection will be automatically disconnected.

GPS/GSM Traking

Track and locate the target phone. You will be able to pinpoint the exact position and see it's location on-line on Google Maps in your web browser. If the target mobile phone doesn't have an active GPS antenna the location will be determined according to the GSM antenna to which the phone is signed in at the moment.

Phone Call Interception

Secretly listen to any incoming and outgoing phone conversation. You will know with who and about what the target phone user is talking.

Copy/Forword Text Messages (SMS)

A copy of all sent and received text messages (SMS) will be forwarded to your master mobile phone or you will be able to view them on-line in the user web-panel. Thanks to this feature you will always now with who, when and exactly about what the target phone user is texting.

Incoming and Outgoing Phone Call Information

Information about all incoming and outgoing phone calls to and from the the target phone.
This notification will have information about:
- time and date of received/dialed phone call
- duration of phone call
- dialed/dialing phone number

Send Fake Text Message SMS

You can send a text message (SMS) from your master phone to the target phone a made up sender ID (your real telephone number will not be displayed). You can make up any name or number as the sender of the text message. This feature only works on Symbian phones.

Sim Card Change Notification

You will receive a notification whenever the sim card is changed in the target phone. Changing the sim card does not effect in any way the spy phone software features.

Video Spy

See through the target mobile phone camera. The spied cell phone makes a secret video call straight to your master mobile - so you can see what is going around.

Spy Mobile Phone Software
Spy Mobile Phone Software
Spy Mobile Phone Software
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